The Sideline Pass Scouting Guidelines

8 – Rare, Once-In-A-Generation Talent

The type of player that comes around once every 10-20 years and has Hall of Fame potential

7.0-7.9 – Top Tier “Impact” Starter

One of the best at his position in the sport. Pro Bowl-caliber, key roster building block

6.6-6.9 – Good Starter

Steady player who is consistently capable of competing against the best. Good enough to win with, but not lacks the traits to be considered special

6.1-6.5 – Impact Role Player

Game changer in a specific role (change-of-pace running back, nickel corner, etc.). Has some physical or schematic limitations that prevent him from reaching a higher level.

6.0 – Injury/Off-Field

The type of player who possesses 6.0+ talent, yet has major hurdles to overcome either medically or with character/off-field questions. The type of players who are removed from NFL teams draft boards

5.5-5.9 – Hit or Miss Starter

Starter Talent whose production does not match his ability – inconsistent, unreliable, as many mistakes as key plays

5.0-5.4 – Good Backup

Functional starter, but not ideal. Can win with if starting, but would like to upgrade. In an ideal scenario he would be a very good backup with versatility to backup multiple spots

4.5-4.9 – 4/5th String/Practice Squad

Too many deficiencies to start or play a role immediately, but has developmental traits to grow into at least a Winning Role Player. Would compete for a spot on the 53

4.1-4.4 – Priority Free Agent

Too many deficiencies to draft, yet has developmental traits and would compete for a spot on the Practice Squad

4.0 – Camp Body

Best way to not offend players...