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Senior Bowl Day One Practice Report

Shawn ZobelComment
Senior Bowl Day One Practice Report

The one-on-one drills at the Senior Bowl always promise to be one of the highlights of the week of practices, and typically it gives scouts a good gauge as to where players are as a prospect compared with their peers.

Among those who dominated on Tuesday afternoon was Stanford defensive tackle Harrison Phillips. Phillips is our #31 overall player in this year's draft and was highlighted yesterday as a player to watch for this week. In one-on-one's Tuesday, Phillips physically had his way up front, both collapsing the pocket as a bull rusher and displaying the type of feet and natural body strength to be a stout run defender in the middle for a defense. Phillips looks the part of a legitimate Top 50 prospect who could solidify a first round selection if he continues to play well this week. Here are some other prospects who both helped and hurt themselves today:


Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma - The Heisman Trophy winning quarterback was on my flight to Mobile this morning, and he passes the eye test from a height perspective. Mayfield, whose lack of size is a common conversation starter when talking to scouts about the signal caller, looks a legit 6'0+ and although his lack of height is evident when standing next to Josh Allen, Mayfield is bigger in person than I anticipated. On the field, Mayfield flashed very good accuracy to fit the ball into tight windows and impressed me with his velocity in the short-to-intermediate range. His size is going to have schematic limitations, however, all in all, Mayfield helped himself today, especially given the fact he got to Mobile just a few hours before practice.

Josh Allen QB Wyoming - Among the top prospects in town this week is Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, who we have already written plenty about as one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. Allen's size, arm strength, and the velocity he puts on his throws all stood out today. He had a few throws he'd like to have back, and there are questions that remain around his accuracy, however Allen flashed big-time potential driving the ball down the field and outside of the numbers on a couple of different throws. Allen didn't necessarily hurt himself today, however he also didn't do anything to suggest he's the best player in the draft.

Brian O'Neill OT Pittsburgh - Among the offensive linemen who had a great day was Pittsburgh's Brian O'Neill. A tall, long tackle prospect who operated on the right side in pass pro drills, O'Neill shut down opposing rushers and stone-walled their rush off the line of scrimmage. He showed the range to defend against rushers running the arc, as well as the strength to hold his ground and anchor. O'Neill looks the part and certainly made money today by boosting his draft stock.

Will Hernandez OG UTEP - Will Hernandez is one of the biggest players in Mobile; listed at 6'3, 330 lbs, he's a physically-imposing player who owns the raw strength to physically manhandle defenders up front. On Tuesday, there were a couple of occasions where he locked onto the defensive tackle and either stone-walled his attempted bull rush, or simply turned his shoulders and smothered him into the ground. Hernandez has the size, frame, and athletic skill set to play guard in the NFL for years.

Kyzir White LB West Virginia - Athletically-gifted, Kyzir White impressed me with his range, closing speed, and ability to operate in coverage on Tuesday. A quick-footed athlete with the speed to play sideline-to-sideline, White performed very well in one-on-one drills, suffocating both tight ends and running backs in the passing game. White is an under-the-radar player on the national level, however he's a player I'll be keeping an eye on tomorrow.

Other thoughts/notes from today:

- Humboldt State offensive lineman Alex Cappa held his own against higher competition this week and has fans in the scouting community. He's a player who offensive line coaches will fall in love with leading up to the draft

- Indiana tight end Ian Thomas dropped at least two passes today from what I saw

- North Dakota State linebacker Nick DeLuca looks half a step slow against FBS running backs in space

- Army offensive tackle Brett Toth had a day to forget up front. He was beaten multiple times off the edge in one-on-one's.