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Welcome to The Sideline Pass

Shawn ZobelComment
Welcome to The Sideline Pass

The Sideline Pass

Created with the name in mind, The Sideline Pass will take you behind the game and onto the sideline of an NFL game like you have never seen, heard, or read before – while also breaking down the game with the precision and accuracy that it takes to drop the ball in the bucket on a 25-yard post-corner.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had the fortunate and unfortunate opportunity to take a crash course on what goes on behind the scenes in the NFL. Whether it be working for the NFL Network as a senior in high school or scouting privately for the Miami Dolphins after graduating from college.

That same game is the one that has been replicated in popular tv shows like “Ballers” and “Hard Knocks” – and knowing the success of those two shows, there appears to be a growing appetite for what goes on behind the scenes of the game in athletes, coaches, executives, and owner’s lives.

With that said, I hope that this website, in its unguarded honesty and bluntness, will attract those fans that can see through the flashy stats graphics during Monday Night Football and are looking for more.

From day one my bread and butter has always been scouting, and that will play a large role in the foundation of this site. For those that remember Draft Headquarters, which I started and ran from 2007-2014, it will be more of the same, yet with even more accuracy. If you liked Draft Headquarters, my hope is that you will love The Sideline Pass.

The culmination of the scouting season is in April at the annual NFL Draft. In addition to publishing mock drafts and player rankings, I will be introducing a new, 200+ page “Sideline Pass Draft Preview,” which is available for pre-order and will be sent to customers on April 1st, 2018.

We are very excited to venture down this new path, and hope that you can take this journey with us. Over the coming months we will introduce new articles, podcasts, videos, mock drafts, scouting reports, and more.

For consistent updates on all things football, please follow us Twitter for more updated information: @ShawnZobel

Thank you,

Shawn Zobel

Founder, The Sideline Pass